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How To Check Air Leaks In A Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney

Tips On Checking Ducted Air Conditioning Leaks

You’ve heard it from your air conditioning technician; “The air system of the ducted air conditioning sydney is not being adequately filtered.” That could be one of the reasons. Here are some things you can do to address the problem.

As a cooling system becomes overloaded, it becomes less efficient at cooling the home. Since so many ducts have to be repaired or replaced, replacing the entire cooling system can be expensive and take time.

How the  problem occurs in the ducts

With as many hot days as Sydney has, hot and cold days are also frequent, especially in winter. Hot air and cold air both move in and out of the home as well as through the ducts. If too much hot air is moving in and out, it causes a hot spot that is hot to the touch, making it uncomfortable to the person that is on the receiving end.

The way to solve this problem is to remove the existing ducts and replace them with a new ducted air conditioning system. You might have to temporarily lower the thermostat in the house in order to do this. After that, re-attach the ducts and allow the ducts to be cleaned before starting again.

When air goes in and out of a ducted air conditioning Sydney, many hot spots will develop, most often in the basement. The cold air ducts tend to drain downward into the crawl space.

Few techniques to clear up the warm and cold spots in a ducted air conditioning

Here’s a few ways to clean up the hot and cold spots in a ducted air conditioning Sydney. Just knowing what to do is half the battle!

Vacuum the drywall of the room where you want to install the ducting. Open all doors and windows. Sweep the area with a broom or dust pan, then get a ladder and spray off the area. Get the dried up mess off the floor.

Apply furniture polish or paint, allowing it to dry completely before the next step. Start at the top with a brush and work your way down. Get a spray bottle and spray away at the ceiling. Start at the top, working your way down.

This can be done without vacuuming, but it does not hurt to vacuum. This will help break up the solidified deposits and aid in the removal of debris. Also, air filters may need to be cleaned periodically to prevent blockages.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll know how to check for air leaks in a ducted air conditioning sydney. Some problems might require more attention than others. When you’re cleaning, remember to have someone there that knows what they’re doing.

Make sure to have a ductless air conditioning Sydney system installed. Otherwise, you’ll continue to have ducted air conditioning Sydney. Remember: it’s all about the homeowner’s comfort.


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